Skin Needling
Pink glow treatment - $129 (60 mins)

What is Skin Needling?

Skin Needling is a collagen induction therapy that uses a small roller made up of surgical needles. The treatment takes about 60 minutes and requires some anesthetic. Usually around 2-5 treatments are required. Side effects of the treatment include some redness.
Needling aims to restore the supportive components of the skin such as elastin and collagen. No matter what the cause or age of scarring, the needling  can improve the appearance of acne scars

How does skin needling work?

​The needles cause thousands of micro-injuries to the skin when rolled over the skin. This induces the skin to begin a process of wound healing that is followed by the production of new collagen. The production of new collagen continues for up to 12 months after the procedure. Depressed acne scars, wrinkles, skin texture and tightness are all improved as a result.

How is skin needling performed?

​We use skin rollers with 0.25 to 2.00 mm needles, there are a variety of skin needling procedures offered by us. However, our skin needling treatments tend to be on the more aggressive side of the spectrum of those offered, and therefore achieve better results with fewer treatments. Our treatments begin by the application of local anesthetic cream to the treated area for 20 min.

What area can be treated?

The face, hands, neck, back and chest can be treated with Skin Needling, but the face is most commonly treated.

Quick Facts

  • Skin needling is used for acne scarring, surgical scars, wrinkles, skin tightness/texture

  • Anaesthetic is use on to the skin prior to the procedure. The procedure may also be done with or without intravenous sedation

  • Skin needling can be used to improve the above skin conditions with less risk of skin pigment changes, especially with olive/darker skin types that commonly occur with laser treatment

  • The recovery time is usually 7-10 days

  • Usually 2-6 sessions are required for the optimal results

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